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The Dos and Don’ts of Andar Bahar: Tips for New Players

Andar Bahar started as a small card game from India, but at the present date, it is famous worldwide. Even though as a card game, the Andar Bahar game is relatively easy to play yet it takes a combination of fate and strategy to win this game. This blog will discuss all the possible dos and don’ts required to master Andar Bahar as a new player.

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Tips to Master Andar Bahar

You can follow many tricks when you want to ace the game, but among these, sure tops are enough to ace it. If you can successfully combine the best strategies, you can win easily too! It doesn’t matter if you are playing Andar Bahar online or offline. You can apply these tips in either of them.

  • If you want to close in the house edge, it is advised to bet on the Andar side more. By doing this, you will be cutting off the house edge since the Ander has a 51.5% odds while the Bahar has a lower 48.5%.

A bet on Andar is much more profitable than that of Bahar. The set RTP for Andar is 97.85%, while the set RTP for Bahar is 97%. If you bet for Rs. 100, you will receive Rs.97.85 if you choose Andar, and you will receive R.97 if you make a Bahar bet.

  • While discussing the strategies to win the game, we must remember all the bonuses the house offers. These bonuses look very typical, but they can bring you many wins in a game.

If you play a game with 100% RTP, you will have guaranteed success, but since this is a disadvantage for the host, such games do not exist. This is where we can use the bonuses to grab the online Andar Bahar real cash. As a player focusing on winning, it is advised to look for bonus opportunities everywhere possible.

  • To secure a win on the Andar Bahar, RTP is quite essential. And the most awaited tip is to choose the aide bet with a higher RTP. This side bet should have an RTP higher than the Andar and Bahar bet.

The side bets are meant to spice the game up more to avoid it being too straightforward. Even though these side bets have lower values, at certain times, there are exceptions too.


This blog has mentioned some ways and tips to help new players cope with the game and earn Andar Bahar real cash. It takes a bit of patience and a bit of practice to master any game, and it’s the same with Andar Bahar too. If you follow the steps mentioned, then you will soon get to understand the concept and gameplay of Andar Bahar and gradually master it too. So without further ado hope on this master game.


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